The Big Ride

Bulgaria: From the English Channel to the Black Sea

Nessebar and Sozopol, Good meatballs and fish, Being on the coast off-season, Swimming in the Black Sea
No small roads or cycle paths, Roads not in great condition, Terrible Bread
Things we are loving
Agnes the kitten


After our long stay in the fantastic countryside of Romania, we were ready to go. Crossing the Danube was a challenge, as there are only a few locations where there is bridge (Calafat,RO to Vidin,BG ; Giurgiu,RO to Ruse,BG) or ferry (Turnu Măgurele,RO to Nikopol,BG ; Călăraşi,RO to Silistra,BG). We got lucky and managed to find the free ferry near Călăraşi in Romania (there is also a paid ferry at the same location). After crossing the Danube river we were still in Romania, surprisingly, which was funny as it was a running joke at this point that we would never get out of the country after a few failed attempts over the previous two days. But thankfully after rolling off the ferry and cycling about 200m, we were at passport control and into country number 10!


Both Claire and I were not sure what to expect from Bulgaria, but we knew it would be different from Romania. It was the first country we were going to which uses the Cyrillic alphabet, it is an ex-soviet state, it seemed less populated with cities and towns more spaced out; but all and all we just didn’t know much about the country, it’s people or it’s history.

After passport control we moseyed into the centre of Silistra. Cycling into the city centre the surroundings were different than they were across the river and it was noticeable that Bulgaria was a little different than Romania. Large soviet era tower blocks guarded the city and butted up against the border of Romania’s land south of the Danube. Entering the town we passed a few brutalist style buildings of the same era and finally settled in a public park which was more concrete than greenery.

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Hi Claire and Andre,
I saw the wonderful pictures and places you are visiting guys and it really amaze me. I had
studied in University of Silistra and siting back in the office at Alan Baxter looking at the pictures gives me a lot of memories. Hope you are enjoying every moment of ur trip and wish you guys save crossing of wonderful Asia.
Take care


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