The Big Ride

India: Beauty, bedlam and both sets of folks – Part I of II

- Travelling with our families - Hanging out with Jesim, Mandira, Hiya and Joya - Seeing awesome sights - Food is really cheap
- Constant honking from traffic - Bad hotel food (Delhi belly) - Terrible driving and terrible road quality
Things we are loving
- Parle G biscuits - Sikh community


Delhi is completely overwhelming; there is no getting around it! We fancy ourselves as a fairly well-travelled couple and have steadily been heading East for the past seven months and still nothing could have prepared us for arriving into this seething mass of people, traffic and colour!



Hi Claire and Andre,

I hope in spite of all the chaos and madness that you had to face, you will have happy memories to take away from India, especially from the Northeast region.

Stay safe and best wishes,

Rahul (on behalf of Pogo).


Very interesting and well written blog. Lots of details that will undoubtedly give anyone who reads it a real feel for the country and its people. It was nice to share part of your journey in India with you, sounds like there are a lot of interesting places we missed. Andre’s Mom


WOW! I’ve finished ! read all the volumes (in one go,couldn’t put it down !), they were epic (honestly), cant wait for the film! Really well written, great read loved it all, and the pic’s, brings it all flooding back, seems so long ago now but makes me want to share more adventures, can’t believe how lucky you kids are! How will you ever fit back into ‘normal’ life again (don’t bother it’s over rated !) Great people you’ve met,( restores your faith in humanity),loved India, loved sharing your journey (with Nancy & Gabe too,& loved the sound & light show ! can’t wait to see you both next,( whenever), bring on the next BLOG ! love you loads, Pa & ma xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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