Just so you know….


Hey there! Soooo… just incase you were wondering what those little buttons on the side of your page do. They are links to all the different places where we are updating, posting and keeping in touch with our family, friends and YOU.

We tend to post things on Facebook and Twitter more often than on the website, so you can check those out by clicking on the facebook button above, or on the the side of any page (why not ‘like’ our page too, I dare you). Same story with Twitter, just click on that cute little birdy to keep tabs on us. Alternatively you can click on one of the banners I have conveniently placed below this sentence…





We are also posting some of our best photos from the trip on Flickr, these are well worth a look. To get to this page click on the logo with the blue and pink dots. Or the banner below.


The location tracker (which should be on the side of this and all pages) keeps tabs on where we are at all times… but just incase you didn’t know, if you click on the location map it will bring up a bigger map and show the route of our trip to date!

Lastly… email! Feel free to send us an email! We love getting emails, if you want to say hello, give us a tip or a recommendation, anything really… go on do it. You know you want too…. we want you to too..

Thanks to all of you out there who are keeping up with our trip!

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