The Big Ride

Nepal: Cycling the top of the world

The Nepalese People, Himalayas, Bardia National Park, Vince & Ross in Kathmandu, Scenery, Breakfast in Pokhara
Bad food, Littering, Car emissions, Being over charged, Altitude Sickness, The 'Alternate route' to Kathmandu for André
Things we are loving
Bacon, unlimited dal bhat, momos,


We were lucky enough to travel to this beautiful country before the devastating earthquake occurred. Sadly many of areas we cycled through were very remote and very close to the epicenter; therefore our thoughts are often with all the people of Nepal but especially the people we met along our way.


Crossing Borders

Crossing into Nepal was like entering an oasis. Calm, green, with friendly people, far less traffic and most importantly it was quiet. Cycling in India from Delhi to the border with Nepal was utter chaos. Neither I nor Claire had really realized the strain it had been putting on us until we crossed the border. Both of us felt as if a weight had been lifted from our shoulders as we cycled through the forested lowlands of Nepal. I think we both knew cycling in Nepal was going to be a treat.

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