The Big Ride

South Korea: Say Kimchi

The cycle paths, Friendly, hospitable locals, Great food especially the BBQ
Expensive food - especially fruit, The badly graded, very steep hills
Things we are loving
Sunny weather every day, Easy wild camping, Kimchi


After three weeks back in England, drinking, feasting and generally making merry, it was time to get back on the bicycle. Following a long flight from London to Beijing and a lengthy layover in Kiev, André and I were reunited at Beijing airport and then took a flight to Seoul, South Korea. When we arrived into Seoul it felt like I had been travelling for days, which is unsurprising as I had. I was feeling pretty exhausted and a little sick. Things were made worse when we realized the new tyres I had bought in England were the wrong size for my wheels – who knew that a size 26 and 3/4 even existed! Having sent back my old tyres to Canada with André’s sister we were now stuck at the airport with a bicycle that couldn’t be ridden! Eventually André cycled off and returned with a couple of new tyres this time in the correct size. Turns out you can still make rookie mistakes even after touring for well over a year!


Our host Dan, an American teaching in Seoul, put us up for a few days in his apartment whilst I recuperated. We didn’t really get to see a whole lot of the city as for most of the time I was sick and not feeling up to leaving the apartment. We ate a lot of dumplings and finally on our last full day in the city we ventured out to see the sights. It was Chuseouk (or Korean Thanksgiving) a public holiday during our stay and this was great for us as the city was much quieter than usual and there was free entrance to many of the city’s major sites.


Fred Spengler

I notice you went from Korea to Northern Japan and somehow back down to Tokyo.

Did you fly/train/ferry this?
Any details on cost and with who, etc?


Hey Fred,

We flew from Busan to Sapporo. We took a budget airline which cost about £100 plus a sports equipment fee. From Hokkaido we took an overnight ferry to Sendai and cycled around Honshu, eventually making our way to Tokyo. There are several ferry companies, google Hokkaido Ferry and you should be able to see their prices and departure and destination options

Hope that helps a little.
Feel free to drop us a line if you are looking for some more info.

(we are in the process of writing our final blog posts… which will have some more info on our time in Japan)


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