The Big Ride

Thailand: Easy living in the East

7 Elevens, Good Food, Friendly police & their rest stations, National Park Campsites, Good roads
Touristy, Too western - so not to 'exciting/different' than home, Bureaucracy, Bad drivers
Things we are loving
Iced Tea, Exotic fruit, Air Conditioning


When we crossed the border from Myanmar to Thailand, we were in desperate need of a good meal and a shower, especially as we spent our last night in Burma sleeping in the cab of a truck at a Burmese truck stop! 

When we cycled into Mae Sot we were blown away by just how Western everything was. I have visited Thailand previously flying directly from the UK and always thought it was distinctly Asian. Nothing has really changed between these visits, just my perspective I guess. Having arrived after five months in India, Nepal and Burma, Thailand felt modern and western; Tesco stores, home hardware depots and luxury shops everywhere – it was surprising. We were happy to be able to eat whatever we desired again and to be able to have the luxury of air conditioning on occasion.


Our route from Mae Sot on the border to Tak was a tough introduction to cycling in Thailand. It was hot, hilly, with steep long climbs! I have never felt so much affection for engineers as I do when cycling a well-graded road! Although the road was tough we had chocolate milk and cheese toasties for breakfast so were in high spirits – it doesn’t take much to make us happy anymore. The highlight of the road to Tak was the fantastic campsite we stumbled across on our first night, which we had, all to ourselves. It was serene with beautiful views over the valley below. However, we were probably most excited about the shower! We awoke to fog and an unusual feeling that we couldn’t put our finger on until we remembered – the cold! We were feeling cold, something we haven’t felt in months, we were so high up in the hills that we had to wear a long sleeve top for the chill! It didn’t last long; soon the sun was burning off the fog and beating down on us.

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