The Route

Our route from London to Japan!

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There was no way to plan out every mile of our journey, and what fun would that be anyways? Instead we have decided on a general route which we hope to follow. We selected this to allow us to travel through countries which we have not been to and will allow us to experience new cultures, landscapes and environments. Our route is not set in stone, instead we will stay flexible so we can visit locations recommended to us and places we learn of along our way.

You can see where we are now, and where we have cycled so far HERE

How we selected our route.

We started off with the countries which we did not want to miss; Japan, Iran, Poland and then filled in the gaps as we went. Once we had a good idea of what our path might be, we began researching interesting sights to visit. These are places we found on Atlas Obscura, and the UNESCO WHS websites. We also found some additional websites that list beautiful, awe inspiring places around the world.

We have added these locations to a map, and hope to visit as many as we can along the way!

If there are any other must visit locations that you can recommend on our route, let us know in the comments below!