Tip: Arkel panniers with Ortlieb Rackpack hack

I love my Arkel Panniers, they are amazing. However, I wanted some more space than what the front and rear panniers could provide. So, like many cyclists I decided to get a rackpack from Ortlieb for some extra space. The great thing about the rackpack is that it has integrated fastening system with Ortlieb’s back roller rear panniers. The panniers and rackpack are connected by the pannier’s existing straps and buckles and is a truly ingenious system. (and difficult to photograph 🙂

Since I have Arkel rear panniers, there was no straps and buckles on my pannier, so I decided to add them. And if you decided to go with a similar setup, you can do the same.

All you need is:

– 2 male Ortlieb (or equivalent) buckles

– 2 female Ortlieb (or equivalent) buckles

– 2 m of nylon strapping

– Needle and thread

One Comment

Ed Hemery

Hi, I like this idea, but I don’t understand why the buckles are on the same bag. Doesn’t that pull the rack sack to one side? If you put a buckle on each of the left and right cam rails, wouldn’t that simplify it, make it more sturdy, and need less strap?

Thanks for the great tip all the same! I just got these used and am looking forward to some touring in QC and ON.


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