The Big Ride

United Arab Emirates: Castles in the sand

Warm weather, a change in cuisine, safe country
Fences along the highways, not cycle friendly, dusty which makes you feel dirty
Things we are loving
The heat! Good drivers, smooth roads, you can buy Oreos everywhere!


Taking our first flight of the trip to Dubai was definitely never part of our original plan or even our back up plan – but that’s the nature of this trip – things change and you need to be flexible. Both of us agreed that Dubai never held much of an appeal to us but we were kind of intrigued by the place and were looking forward to exploring what this crazy city built in the desert has to offer.

We arrive at midnight and are met by an Aussie guy named Scott – who is both a scholar and a gent! Even though he is flying back home to Australia for Christmas in a few hours he offers to come and collect us from the airport, and even more incredible after only a couple of emails and chatting to us for maybe an hour at most he hands over the keys to his flat and tells us to make ourselves at home whilst he is away! Scott you are a legend.



I wish! Nope, in the heat it didn’t seem so appealing. However, in Oman (there was a Timmys there too!) I did get a double double and the took my order without batting an eye. I was impressed.


That is impressive! K didn’t even know what a double double was when it came up in k’s book “A Night Before A Canadian Christmas.” Did they have timbits on offer?


A wonderful blog guys. Sounds like a bounty of surprises though that picture of the sharks is OUTRAGEOUS! With Claire that it must of been very confusing to see. We’re also missing our tent after seeing you guys go for it in the dessert 🙂

Well done and hope the roads are being kind to you in India 🙂

T&B xxxxx


Hey Guys!
Yeah, stumbling on the sharks was really something! Camping in the desert was great; I think the peace and open space is something we will soon miss travelling around in India!

Hope you guys are having a great time on the road.

All the best,



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