The Big Ride

Romania: Riding high and running from dogs

Transfagarasan Highway, The Roman family, Sighisoara, Wild mushroom picking
Stray dogs, Litter everywhere, Begging gypsies
Things we are loving
Romanian chocolate loafs, watermelon, sleeping without the fly on the tent

Our introduction to Romania wasn’t the best one, we crossed the border late due to bad planning and the road to Oradea was a busy, horrible one with industrial parks on either side so we were unable to find anywhere to camp. We arrived into the city tired, sweaty and very hungry and so succumbed and decided to eat out at a restaurant which is never good for the budget! The food was delicious though and we enjoyed our first taste of Romanian cuisine, which turned out to be pretty similar to Hungarian food! As we were eating we were also desperately emailing Warm Showers and Couchsurfing people hoping for a miracle and that someone would agree to host us at such very short notice.  And it was testament to the Romanian people and a sign of things to come that between ordering our food and finishing up dinner, three people got back to us and offered to let us stay!  We ended up staying with a lovely guy called Adrian who took us on a tour of Oradea the next day and cycled with us into the Romanian countryside to show us the best way to our next destination.

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